Friday, November 19, 2010


I have a student who is from Venezuela, She may be the funniest person I know she is so loud and passionate about everything and so funny, it has been a challenge teaching  her because she only speaks broken English there have been multiple times I have asked her to repeat her question and finally have said “I’m sorry, I don't understand what you are saying" It usually takes the whole class to interpret what she is saying she has become a million times better but just a few stories of our communication barriers:
Yesterday she came exploding through the door as usual saying "Hay erie buddy lisen to me! duz enny buddy wan a home decor?" we all looked puzzled and I asked "Home decor??? I asked "Home decor???" she said no no no mamma cita (She calls me mamma or mamma cita) "hone decor" still puzzled I asked "what?" "Decorations for your house?"  "no no no !ma car I sellin it!" "oh you mean Honda accord" "JES! That is it!" "ma honna da core!" another story that is more embarrassing for me than her is when I was teaching about the layers of skin and for who knows why the book describes a layer of skin as” horny” as in a bumpy rigid layer Venezuela asks "Mamma what is horny?" "Trying not to laugh I say “ it is a term used to describe the layer of skin. "I'm sorry what you say? Horny??? How you spell that?" by this time everyone is giggling to themselves as I spell out horny "H-O-R-N-Y"  "Stil no understand I will goggle it" "you mean google it ?" "Jes that’s what I say mamma" this is just the tip of the iceberg of the communication run- ins we have had but it sure keeps us laughing!

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